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YayPonies 2Yr Anniversary by FloppyChiptunes

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Welcome to Yay Ponies! Do navigate through the repository with the various links above!

2 Years already, and so many things with ponies on it appeared! We finally had those german blurays (Even if I still wonder when do they gonna release Season 2). Comics appeared (And was a success, we don't have any precise statistics, but there are the same number of ponies coming here for comics than for episodes, fun, for a thing we started publishing in a hurry because we had a chance to, so why not). Princess Twilight has appeared, and no one left the fandom after all (Same for Princess Derpy, I hope. She's the Element of Muffins!. Thanks M.A Floppy!). Same for Equestria Girls, it finally wasnt that bad, even if its clearly not the best thing they've done.

There was also a lot of change on the site, during the middle of Season 3, because there were so many broken ponies and it was getting too complicated for Derpy to find her muffins in all this mess. We added the Fanwork section, that we hope gonna grow bigger next year. Speaking of that, My Little Karaoke published their game, and also an additional disk. We also added TrotMania to that page!

We added more pony formats, including the Low Quality and Low Quality Color Corrected ponies, with real 720P ponies in it, for people that unfortunately can't get full sized ponies (Slow connection, low disk space, downloads quota), but you can also get them for your phone/tablet (Smaller size mean more ponies on a single phone)!

Due to Season 4 being released on iTunes only the mondays, we also added back TVRip support, this time by Spazz, so people that can't watch ponies during the week because of obligations arent forced to wait for awesomeness !

Japanese pony TVRips were also added, as, well, same as comic, we had a chance to do it, so why not ! We hope to support more multilingual ponies during the next year, if we have the chance to!

Still about ponies, we also added previous generations this year, It was originally planned as a 1st April joke, but at the moment we searched the source material for, we saw that they weren't really available on internet as downloads, then we looked to price for DVDs and found price going up to 300USD ! We finally had to import ourselves videos from DVDs, and well due to the rarity (And fact that no one should pay 300USD for DVDs of a show season, no matter the show !), we decided to keep them futher. Offering not a My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic archive anymore, but a complete My Little Pony archive! Speaking of that, we still search complete season DVDs for My Little Pony Tales, ones existing has been published in Australia and Italy, unfortunately... It look like australian copy has completely dissapeared, and italian, all we was able to find is Ebay auction of vendors that doesn't have the items.

About other things than ponies (For once), Wander Over Yonder was added since the beginning of this show, and it's awesome, and you should watch it if you have not yet! It's made by Craig McCracken as Exclusive producer and Lauren Faust (Yes, The same Lauren Faust as ponies) as producer.

If I have no idea what gonna happen during the year. We know the season 4 will still run for another 6 months, and hopefully, season 5 will happen before 2015 !

YayPonies Staff