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Scootaloo Corrected (x265/HEVC) Season 3 (1080p)

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WARNING: HEVC/x265 ENCODED PONIES - They are playable from modern computers via MPC HC 1.7.1 or better on Windows, VLC 2.2.0 or better on Windows/Linux/OS X and on HEVC/h265/x265 compatible devices (iPhone 6, Amazon FireTV 2, NVidia Shield...)

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Episode 1 (The Crystal Empire, Part 1)        
Episode 2 (The Crystal Empire, Part 2)        
Episode 3 (Too Many Pinkie Pies)        
Episode 4 (One Bad Apple)        
Episode 5 (Magic Duel)        
Episode 6 (Sleepless in Ponyville)        
Episode 7 (Wonderbolt Academy)        
Episode 8 (Apple Family Reunion)        
Episode 9 (Spike At Your Service)        
Episode 10 (Keep Calm and Flutter On)        
Episode 11 (Just for Sidekicks)        
Episode 12 (Games Ponies Play)        
Episode 13 (Magical Mystery Cure)