Nightmare Night Special by Midnight Harmony.

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Scootaloo Definitive (x265/HEVC) Season 5 (1080p)

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WARNING: HEVC/x265 ENCODED PONIES - They are playable from modern computers via MPC HC 1.7.1 or better on Windows, VLC 2.2.0 or better on Windows/Linux/OS X and on HEVC/h265/x265 compatible devices (iPhone 6, Amazon FireTV 2, NVidia Shield...)

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Episode 1 (The Cutie Map, Part 1)        
Episode 2 (The Cutie Map, Part 2)        
Episode 3 (Castle Sweet Castle)        
Episode 4 (Bloom and Gloom)        
Episode 5 (Tanks for the Memories)        
Episode 6 (Appleoosa's Most Wanted)        
Episode 7 (Make New Friends But Keep Discord)        
Episode 8 (The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone)        
Episode 9 (Slice of Life)        
Episode 10 (Princess Spike)        
Episode 11 (Party Pooped)        
Episode 12 (Amending Fences)        
Episode 13 (Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?)        
Episode 14 (Canterlot Boutique)        
Episode 15 (Rarity Investigates)        
Episode 16 (Made in Manehattan)        
Episode 17 (Brotherhooves Social)        
Episode 18 (Crusaders of the Lost Mark)        
Episode 19 (The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows)        
Episode 20 (Hearthbreakers)        
Episode 21 (Scare-Master)        
Episode 22 (What About Discord?)        
Episode 23 (The Hooffields and Mccolts)        
Episode 24 (The Mane Attraction)        
Episode 25 (The Cutie Remark, Part 1)        
Episode 26 (The Cutie Remark, Part 2)