Nightmare Night Special by Midnight Harmony.

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Scootaloo Definitive (x265/HEVC) Season 6 (1080p)

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WARNING: HEVC/x265 ENCODED PONIES - They are playable from modern computers via MPC HC 1.7.1 or better on Windows, VLC 2.2.0 or better on Windows/Linux/OS X and on HEVC/h265/x265 compatible devices (iPhone 6, Amazon FireTV 2, NVidia Shield...)

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Episode 1 (The Crystalling Part 1)        
Episode 2 (The Crystalling Part 2)        
Episode 3 (The Gift of Maud Pie)        
Episode 4 (On Your Marks)        
Episode 5 (Gauntlet of Fire)        
Episode 6 (No Second Prances)        
Episode 7 (Newbie Dash)        
Episode 8 (A Hearth's Warming Tail)        
Episode 9 (The Saddle Row Review)        
Episode 10 (Applejack's 'Day' Off)        
Episode 11 (Flutter Brutter)        
Episode 12 (Spice Up Your Life)        
Episode 13 (Stranger than Fan Fiction)        
Episode 14 (The Cart Before the Ponies)        
Episode 15 (28 Pranks Later)        
Episode 16 (The Times They Are a Changeling)        
Episode 17 (Dungeons and Discords)        
Episode 18 (Buckball Season)        
Episode 19 (The Fault in Our Cutie Marks)        
Episode 20 (Viva Las Pegasus)        
Episode 21 (Every Little Thing She Does)        
Episode 22 (P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View))        
Episode 23 (Where the Apple Lies)        
Episode 24 (Top Bolt)        
Episode 25 (To Where and Back Again (1))        
Episode 26 (To Where and Back Again (2))